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How to choose the right mode of delivery for my order?

Once the choice of articles validated, you will be asked to confirm the mode and the desired delivery address.

Indeed, the delivery address can be different from the billing address.

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Technical Information

How to know the right kind of light bulb? What are tha base models available?

Base lamps

Base Common name For source Diagram

E 14

Small screw base Incandescent or Halogen

E 27

Big screw base Incandescent or Halogen

B 22

Socket bayonet Incandescent or Halogen

B 15d

Small cap bayonet Incandescent or Halogen

G 9

220 Volts

GU 10

220 Volts

GZ 10

220 Volts

G 4

nugget cap or pin Halogen 12V

GY 6.35

  Halogen 12V

R 7 S

Small halogen pencil Halogen
220 Volts

R 7 S

Grand halogen pencil Halogen
220 Volts
What are the protections indices?

Protection Index

The degrees of protection IP (Ingress Protection) provided by enclosures around the electrical parts of luminaires are defined by EN 60-529 (IP protection rating)
This degree of protection it breaks down into two digits after the IP symbol
The first indicates protection against solid fixture
The second indicates protection against liquids luminaire

For example, a fixture with protection class IP 44 will have its electric part protected against solid objects greater than 1 mm (the first digit of IP being 4) and the electrical set prétégée against water spray from all directions ( the second IP figure being 4)

Text table of the first digit of the protection factor (degree of protection against ingress of solid bodies)

Index Diagram explanation Symbol
IP 0.   The electrical part of the luminaire has no special protection  
IP 1. The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against solid objects greater than 50 mm (eg accidental contact of the hand)  
IP 2. The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against solid objects greater than 12 mm (finger of the hand)  
IP 3. The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against solid objects greater than 2.5 mm (tools, son)  
IP 4. The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against solid objects greater than 1mm (fine tools, small son)  
IP 5. The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against dust (no harmful deposits)
IP 6. The electrical part of the luminaire is totally against dust


Text table of the second digit of the protection index (protection against liquid penetration body)

Index Diagram explanation Symbol
IP. 0   The electrical part of the luminaire has no special protection  
IP. 1 The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against vertically falling drops of water (condensation)  
IP. 2 The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against the waterfalls up to 15 ° from the vertical  
IP. 3 The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against spraying water up to 60 ° from the vertical  
IP. 4 The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against water spray from all directions
IP. 5 The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against water spray from all directions at launch
IP. 6 The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against water splashes comparable to heavy seas  
IP. 7 The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against the effects of immersion
IP. 8 The electrical part of the luminaire is protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure
What are the electrical insulation classes?

Text table of the four classes of electrical insulation according to NF C 71000

Class Definition Symbol
0 luminaire pocède functional insulation without grounding -
1 luminaire pocède functional insulation with earth terminal, equipotential bonding
2 luminaire pocède reinforced insulation without metallic parts available.
Double insulation without grounding
3 The fixture operates in safety extra low voltage (SELV) of up to 50 Volts
What can I put as light in my bathroom? What are the normes?

Lighting insulation rules in bathroom

The bathroom consists of five volumes described in the table below
In chacuns of these volumes have to in order to meet the standard, use a light having an index of protection and appropriate insulation class


Volume Color Definition IP Minimum Required class
Volume 0 Interior of the bath or shower tray IP x 7 3
Volume 1 Volume over the bath or shower tray up to 2.25 m high IP x 4 3
Volume 2 Volume located up to 60 cm volume 0 and 1 below
3 meters above the ground
IP x 3 2 or 3
Volume 3 Volume located beyond the volume up to 2.40 m 2 vertical and below 2.25 meters from the ground IP 1 x 1, 2
or 3
Excluding volume volume of beyond
volumes 0, 1, 2 and 3
IP 00 1, 2
or 3
What is a lamp / light bilb?

Incandescent lamp - General

Incandescent lamps have evolved and now take advantage of technology.
Most incandescent lamps at a voltage of 230 V and have an average life of 1,000 hours.
Incandescent lamp - History
Even if one can attribute to the English Joseph Swann the invention of the carbon filament lamp in 1848, or New York Heinrich Goebel in 1854, or at Moscow Alexander Lodyguine is Thomas Edison who the idea of creating a vacuum bulb in 1879.
Thus, the filament of the incandescent lamp exceeds a few hours of lifetime obtained hitherto.
Historical moment: the illumination of the Paris Opera House to mark the Universal Exhibition.
Another brilliant idea: Auer von Welsbach realized in the 1900s filaments Osmium and Wolfram (tungsten), more resistant to the merger.
It can thus increase the electrical current, which multiplies by the light flux 5, with a life of 1000 hours.
The great adventure of incandescent can begin.
Incandescent lamp - the light every day.
If the public called "bulbs" incandescent lamps is that they have always been part of our daily lives.
When it comes to the light, you do not ask questions ....
Especially as the multitude of models on the market and the very high level of quality they have reached in centenarians are irreplaceable ....
Incandescent lamp - Operation
The principle of the filament lamp is well known: a tungsten filament is heated conductor blank by an electric current, in vacuo, to a clear glass ampoules.
It also replaces the inner void a combination of inert gases that reduce the evaporation rate of the filament nitrogen, argon, krypton, or xenon but that improve 10% light efficiency and provide a brighter, richer light.
What is a haloge, lamp?


Halogen lamp - general
Once mastered the technology of light bulbs the following question arose: how to reduce the evaporation of the filament incandescent lamps and increase their lifespan and luminous efficiency?
Long uncertain, the answer flows aujourd & rsquohui source: halogen.
A lifetime up to 4000 hours, a luminous efficacy of 25 lm / W against 12 lm / W for incandescent.
Halogen provides bright light making the colors more vivid, cooler with this gloss effect entirely characteristic of the illuminated objects: the magic of halogen, which comes with very different sources from each Others, such as line voltage with low voltage.
Halogen lamp - Technical
Halogen compounds cause the filament regeneration cycle which avoids the blackening of the bulb.
The tungsten atoms of the filament as it evaporates, head to the cooler parts of the envelope.
They combine with halogen atoms forming molecules heavier tungsten halides, which are deposited on the filament.
Under the effect of the heat thereof, the molecules dissociate: the tungsten atoms are fixed again on the filament and those halogen become available for a new cycle.
Halogen lamp - advantages
Halogen lamps are characterized by a very bright light, very bright.
And thanks to the halogen cycle, that brilliance hardly varies throughout the lamp life.
Compared to incandescent lamps, halogen lamps have a double advantage: more light for a similar power, and twice the use or quadrupled (2000 hours to 4000 hours).
Quality halogen light is unquestionable because it is very close to the sunlight
Halogen lamp - The G9 bulbs
For some time, the G9 bulbs become commonplace.
To obtain a thin and light design, the solution G4 halogen bulbs (commonly called chips bulbs) was extensively used.
Due to the small size of these bulbs, designers can easily imagine fixtures with very fine arm.
But G4 bulbs are powered by 12 volts and it is therefore necessary to include a transformer in the fixture.
The creation of the G9 bulb is a great alternative because it is slightly bigger than a G4 but the advantage of being directly supplied with 220 volts.
So we can get rid of the transformer while keeping a small bulb.
One could say the G 9 it replaces a standard incandescent bulb because it is:
• much smaller
• a much better light output
• a longer life
Halogen lamp - standards
Most halogen lamps can now be used in open luminaires without additional protective glasses despite the NF EN 60598 standard.
Just check on the package of your halogen lamp appears pictograms:
Quartz glass bulb UV-STOP, which absorbs ultraviolet radiation
Lamp operation permitted in protective glass without luminaires
What is a compact fluorescent lamp? What is a economic lamp?

Compact fluorescent lamp (saving bulb)

Compact fluorescent lamp - general
Overall economic light bulbs as consuming less
This is the challenge of compact fluorescent lamps.
Indeed they consume five times less energy and last much longer than conventional incandescent lamps.
In form, it is so compact that allows them to easily replace any incandescent lamp.
Compact fluorescent lamp - economy
The oil crisis in the 70s, boosted energy researchers.
Thus, compact fluorescent lamps come gradually into habits.
CFLs last up to 10 times longer and use up to 80% less electricity than incandescent lamps.
Compact fluorescent lamp - Technical
An economic bulb is nothing less than a fluorescent tube is folded on itself by connecting its two ends to a miniaturized electronic circuit board that is disposed in a housing provided with a conventional base.
What color rendering index?

The color rendering index, or CRI, is the ability of a light source to reproduce the differences between colors of the visible spectrum. That is, with the color temperature, the second factor for classifying a light source and thus to measure perceived quality. IRC is between 0 and 100, with 100 being the IRC natural light that restores all the shades of color and 0 being the absence of recognizable color. A difference of 5 points will be noticeable to the human eye.

What's a LED?

The LED is a light-emitting diode (LED or LED in English). The structure of the LED is completely different from that of the bulb, it is based on semiconductor technology.

As its name suggests, the LED is a diode which emits light upon passage of an electric current. It is composed of 2 conductive materials during passage of the current, an atom of one of the materials will be excited, it will release its energy via an electron to the second material and generate light. The color depends on the material used.

What is an energy label? What are the important information?

The energy label   is a plug for the consumer who summarizes the characteristics of a light or a light source, particularly its energy performance, to facilitate the choice between different models.

Energy efficiency   of the device is evaluated in terms of   energy efficiency classes   rated from A to G. The class A is the optimal yield, G the least efficient.


What the secure payment via Hipay

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Encryption ensures the integrity of business data transmitted from to its platform.

One way to be assured of the perfect securing your method of payment.

What means of payment authorized?

Visa, Bancontact, Maestro, Bank Transfer

At what point am I charged?

Whatever the means of payment used, you are debited immediately.


How to create an account?

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What are the deadlines?

Delivery in Belgium. From the start of your order from our warehouse, you are delivered within 24 to 36 hours, working days, by one of our partner carriers. Your order will be delivered against signature.

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Delivery times are dependent on available stock. An inventory item will be delivered in 1-3 days (7 days). An article not available may have a delivery time of 7 days to 5 weeks depending on the brand.

On what basis are calculated the shipping costs?

We wanted you to have information on the transport costs to be accurate. That is why we indicate the amount of shipping charges on your order. These are based on the country of delivery as well as the weight and size of products ordered.

When the carrier delivers me?

The time of delivery by our carrier can not be specified. It is necessary that a person be present at the delivery location 8h to 17h to receive the goods.

What will happen if i am not at home when the delivery man going on?

If the carrier is close door, he will present at the same address the next day.
In case of further absence, the goods will be returned to our warehouses and new delivery charges, payable in advance, will be requested.

Where can i make a delivery?

You can choose to be delivered anywhere you want: at home, at your place of work, on holiday, with friends ... We will deliver to the address of your choice in Belgium or in other European countries Schengen area.


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